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Loch Katrine: the light is dawning

And so we came to the final day of the retreat. I was letting go of many of the constraints to my creativity, enjoying exploring new ways of seeing. I was awake early and looked out the window across the loch - to a beautiful sunrise! Within minutes I was by the shore, immersed in the colours and sounds of the dawn.

As I stood there and marvelled, I was mindful of the wonderful poet Lemn Sissay and his daily homage to dawn on X:

‘How do you do it?’ said night

‘How do you wake up and shine?’

‘I keep it simple,’ said light

‘One day at a time’

I watched as the sun's rays changed the colour of the clouds and their reflections in the water.

It was such a privilege to be there and witness this time of day. But although I was the only person there it was certainly not quiet! There was a rowdy chorus of bird song, which was then overtaken by the honking of scores of geese as they took to the air. They flew overhead, skein after skein. A wonderful sight.

Back to the house and after breakfast a choice - photography or art? I surprised myself and chose art!

Ania provided us with a tutorial on using a gelli plate to create prints - and I was soon totally immersed in the process. How? Why does it come out like that? Playing with layers, stencils and masks, again I could see how playing in this way was informing my development as an art photographer.

Another of Lemn's gems:

"You asked where my light comes from

I said 'from where it is darkest'

This morning I realise I was wrong

Light is (from) where the art is"

I was so ready not to go home!! But goodbyes came too soon, my friend returned and scooped me up, the journey back began.

And I will finish with this one from Lemn:

"And now I am back at home

Although home is inside me

Whenever and wherever I go

Sunrise will find me"

Thanks to Charlie and Ania, I am starting to see the the light through the trees.

And thank you too to the other creatives in the group. You inspired me with your thoughtful insights, and I look forward to meeting you again in the future!

NB Video Tutorials that I am finding helpful

Charlotte Bellamy's tutorial on ICM and on creating multiple exposure in Lightroom

Ania Rolinska's Postcards from the Edge

Kim Grant's tutorial on multiple exposures

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