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Yes, a return once more to the beach of my childhood. I am doing a project course with #charlottebellamy and still searching for my inspiration.

After a lovely walk in the sun, I came to the pier and sat underneath, watching the waves.

Cold out of the sun. Eerie under the boards above which people play the machines, pour in their money in hope of a win. The demise of the pier seems inevitable. Rising sea waters and increasingly powerful storms caused by the climate catastrophe are eroding the piles and pillars that once stood so strong.

Looking through the struts though, there was light, a glimpse of hope maybe. The different ways out reminded me of Piranesi's watery labyrinth. And the patterns kept changing as the waves rolled in and out and the sun danced on the sea. Coming out the other side and looking along the pier, I was once again drawn back to childhood and the walk back to my grandma's house after a day on the beach. Threads of time and memories that make us who we are.

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