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Ten-Shot Challenge - part 2!

Yesterday, I went for a walk around a nearby harbour, looking for photo possibilities. The marina is a very busy place, and can be tricky to photograph as it is messy and hard to isolate specifics that make a good composition. I was under pressure with only an hour left on the parking. I remembered the photo workshop that I did last month with Paul Sanders where I focussed on one colour. And also wanting to revisit the 10-shot challenge and improve my compositions.

And I was pleased with most of the images. I started with red, and soon found some interesting possibilities:

10 - I managed it! But then I looked up and saw red against the clear blue sky:

And in looking down I also found some interesting red reflections:

I had a bit more time, Choosing blue as the focus colour seemed to be an easy option. Blue was everywhere! But I fell into the trap of finding it tricky to isolate a clear focal point to the image. Some of these are too 'busy'. and yes, there are a few more than 10! But I am getting the hang of thinking in sets, choosing a diversity of shots but having a primary colour as a key thread through. Progress, slow but steady.

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