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Abstract Photography

This month's challenge for our U3A Focus Photography group was to submit 3 abstract images and I enjoyed having a play with some new ideas. The first image is of some Spring flowers in our garden. I used intentional camera movement (ICM) with a shutter speed of 1/2 second, ISO 100 and f32. The resulting image gives the impression of a painting, with daubs of colour.

The second image also used ICM, but this time I experimented with a pile of scarves! I ended up with an interesting range of abstract images but selected this one for its tonal range and atmosphere. Taken indoors with just the light from a window on a dull day, I used a shutter speed of 3.2 sec, ISO400 and an aperture of f5.

For my 3rd image I chose a multiple exposure. The base image is a still of some lichen on a rock that attracted my attention while out for a walk. I liked the patterns, thinking they resembled a miniature landscape. I played around and took two images of the same rock using ICM, and then blended them together in Lightroom. The result is an image with a lot more depth and enhanced colour range than the original still.

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