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Reflections on Reflections

One of my favourite areas for photography is reflections in rippling water. The effects can be stunning. Recently, I enjoyed sitting mindfully reflecting by the lake at Cockington Country Park and then taking some images. I set myself a challenge when I was editing them - could I get more than one image from a shot? And, yes, some of them worked better in small sections than the original. I also experimented with rotating and flipping the image. I processed the first one, including adjusting the AWB, contrast, saturation and vibrancy, and then applied these same settings to the other two.

I am learning as I go on about the importance of taking time over capturing images, being mindful of the possibilities in front of me. I can be impatient, concerned that I will miss the moment. I can take far too many images.

I am then overwhelmed when I upload the images and start to process them. Now being able to see more than one image in each one could potentially add to the workload of post-processing. But it also may mean that I can create sets of images that work together well because they are from the same original source and have been edited in the same way.

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