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Streets of Singapore

Another adventure and another challenge for my photography. Staying with family in Singapore for a while and enjoying taking snapshots and record shots to capture the experience.

Yet I also want to carry on experimenting and playing with different genres - and where better than in iconic Singapore!

And there are soooo many topics to choose from! I decided I had time to be random.

There are the lines and squares of the apartment buildings in this 'city in a garden'. The greenery vies for space between the condo buildings and the balconies tell stories about the people who live beyond.

Just a short walk away is Joochiat with its colourfully decorated shops. Photo opps everywhere!

A bus ride into the centre and there are the patterns and reflections of the modern shopping malls and office buildings. I am surprised at the variety of the designs, the colours and shapes that can be found. A joy for abstract photography

So, I am going to enjoy the different possibilities, stay open to new ways of portraying this iconic city, and create a personal portfolio of my impressions.

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