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Silhouette Challenge

This month's challenge for U3A is Silhouettes and it proved to be a lot trickier than I thought it would. Lee Frost's advice was to choose an easily recognisable subject, position it between the camera and a bright light source, and expose for the brighter background. Keep the composition simple, with a clutter-free background.

I started with his top tip - a sunset. A visit to Teignmouth at the end of a warm, sunny spring day rewarded me with a beautiful sky for the backdrop, with the boats moored up providing the silhouettes. Keeping it simple was tricky as there were so many of them! I found that using ICM helped to reduce some of the clutter, smoothed out the edges and also enhanced the colour of the sunset.

The second image was an easy snap. I spotted these 'animals' on the top of a thatched roof at Cockington Country Park. A conversion to monochrome helped to emphasise the shapes.

My third image was another lucky spot - a silhouette of 2 dancers painted on the wall of a dance studio in Newton Abbot. I blended it with an ICM of the River Lemon, sparkling in the sunshine and it gave the dancers a textured background to make them stand out.

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